Can an FSL Antenna get Interference from a Strong Local Station?


Guys, I have an opportunity to collect a number of 4 inch Ferrite Bars from a very generous offer by a fellow Group member. My question is when I installed an 80 Ft Longwire Antenna on my house roof in June, I had all kinds of Interference problems on my 2 URL's with a 50,000 Watt Local Radio Station at 680kHz appearing all across the AM and LW Bands, even on Shortwave. This problem was resolved when Michael in UK designed for me a L/C Longwave Coupler with a Loopstick and Variable Capacitor in Series, followed by another Loopstick and Variable Capacitor wired in Parallel. This coupler is extremely effective in nulling out the 50,000 Watt local station, and it makes good use of the gain in Sensitivity provided by the Longwire Antenna. (There are pictures of this Longwave Coupler in the Photos Section).

My question is does anyone know that if I build a new FSL, will I be subjected to this same Interference from my local 50,000 watt station? Any comments would be very much appreciated.


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