Another morning of good TP reception


Yhis morning I had the best reception of NHK stations so far this
season. Listeners in the southeastern states might have been able to
hear at least one of the NHK stations.

883 Very strong het at 1033 UTC. Listen until 1052 without hearing
any audio.

774 JOUB Akita J was heard continuously at good to barely audible
signal strength, with random fading and WBBM/XEMF 780 QRM, at 1101-
1137. No audio heard after 1137.

747 JOIB Sapporo J at 1137-1139 with good signal strength and WSB 750
QRM. Program was parallel to JOUB.

594 JOAB Tokyo J at good signal strength, with random fading and KXSP
590 QRM, at 1257-1328.

531 Weak het at 1141. QRM from Radio Enciclopedia 530 and "LYG" NDB
(Roseanne Airport, Manchester TN) on 529 kHz.

666 Weak het at 1149 UTC.

972 Slight het at 1328-1334.

I listened on an Etón E100 and Space Magnet antenna. JOAB and JOUB
were also heard on a barefoot SRF-T615.

From recent observations it appears JOUB and JOIB are more likely to
be heard from after sunset at transmitter until about 1130 UTC.
However, reception of JOAB, the last two mornings, has been later at
around local sunrise (1120 UTC).

Best wishes for a good DXing weekend.

Richard Allen
36°22'51"N / 97°26'35"W
(near Perry OK)

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