ULR DX.......1060 CKMX Calgary, ALTA in tonight!!!!!! NEW STATION....

robert ross

Hi Guys:

It's 0040 EDT and Conditions are good to the West. I have 1060 CKMX from Calgary Alta coming in well in KYW's Null!! This is a New Station for me for both the ULR and OVERALL Logs!! It was coming in so well I checked the Live Webfeed just to make sure..and it's them!!

Heard on SONY SRF-T615 ULR Barefoot

1060 CKMX Calgary, ALBERTA Aug/29/11 0026-0040 EDT EE FR-GOOD
Classic Country Music @ 0026 EDT Tune In. ID by Male DJ @ 0029 as "Your Hometown
Classic Country". "Heaven's Just a sin away" Classic Country followed by ID as
"Classic Country AM 1060". Wiilie and Julio "All the Girls I've Loved before".
ID as "50 Years of Classic Country AM 1060" and "Southern Alberta's Classic Country
AM 1060".
Canadian Content Song...Anne Murray "Can I have this Dance".
Seemed to have a Canned ID/Slogan after each song!!
In Parallel to Live Webfeed!!

NEW STN ULR # 931 50 KW

73.............ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

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