ULR LONGWAVE DX.....5 Longwave Trans-Atlantics in here tonight!!!

robert ross

Hi Guys:

Just spent about an hour tuning around on Longwave with the TECSUN PL-380 ULR, with Gary DeBock 7.5 Inch Longwave Ferrite Antenna.

Decent Opening to Europe heard with 5 Stations making it through!! Unfortunately ...they are ALL RELOGS!! Nothing New heard tonight......

198 BBC Radio 4, Droitwich, ENGLAND 0230 UTC GOOD EE
Male & Female with EE News items
3549 Miles

216 RMC Radio Monte Carlo, Roumoules, FRANCE 0235 UTC POOR FF
Music and French Talk
4167 Miles

162 France Inter, Allouis, FRANCE 0250 UTC POOR FF
French Talk
3887 Miles

171 Radio Medi Un, Nador, MOROCCO 0300 UTC FAIR FF
FF Talk and Music
4101 Miles

234 RTL, Beidweiler, LUXEMBOURG 0305 UTC POOR FF
FF Talk and Music
3963 Miles

Since these were all Relogs...I didn't hang around long to get Detailed Logs. Some of these are the ONLY Stations on these Freqs as well.

Have had a few nights already with Decent Conditions over the Pond...so hopefully this is a Good sign for the upcoming Season!!

73......ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

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