Ultralight Longwave Awards Program

Gary DeBock

Hello All,

Among various pending projects Rob Ross and I have been attempting to
get a new Ultralight Longwave Awards program publicized, and would encourage all Longwave enthusiasts (both LWBC and NDB-DXers) to keep
track of their Ultralight Longwave loggings during the upcoming DX
season for award purposes. The Award Categories will basically be the
same as the Medium Wave awards, except that the Award Classes will not
be the same as the in the MW system ("Barefoot" and "Unlimited"
classes), but rather the "Handheld" (all stock loopsticks and
ferrite-based antenna systems) and the "Unlimited" (all other antenna
systems). This change was made because of the cold reality that any
stock, unmodified Ultralight radio model will face extremely long odds
to receive serious Longwave DX.

Various awards have already been issued in the new Ultralight Longwave
Awards system, mainly to experienced NDB-DXers like Steve Ratzlaff,
Patrick Vignoud (of France), etc. But it's not necessary to receive
multiple LW stations for an award-- reception of even a single
Ultralight Longwave TP or TA will qualify a DXer for a "Trans-Pacific
Longwave DXer" award, or a "Trans-Atlantic Longwave DXer" award.
Records will also be kept (and awards given) for anyone breaking the
Ultralight Longwave DX Distance record (either by logging an LWBC or
NDB station). Possibly because the South African and New Zealand
Ultralight DXers have yet to seriously compete in Ultralight Longwave
DX (as far as I know), the Longwave distance record is still relatively
modest :-) Since we are still sorting out the specifics of the new
Longwave Awards program, your comments and suggestions will be welcome.
Sent as an attachment is the 10 Longwave States Heard Award Certificate
presented to Rob Ross last spring, showing the artwork design for the
new LW awards.

For those DXers still awaiting their previously-earned MW Award
Certificates, please be assured that you have not been forgotten! A
temporary time crunch has delayed completion of these, but they will be
completed as time allows.

73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock

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