Re: SRF antenna transplant comments

dhsatyadhana <satya@...>

Hi Garry:

Neat experiment! A thought on the gain difference between the two - I
have been struck by the gain increase when I put as many turns as
possible on loops. I have a large solenoid-wound PVC box loop with a
LW coil and a MW coil, both of which can tune 540 khz with the same
variable cap. On 540 khz, the gain on the upper end of the LW coil is
dramatically larger than the lower end of the MW coil. So, perhaps if
you only had enough turns on your ferrite to get to the upper end of
the MW band, putting the "normal" amount on the ferrite will make it
more competitive with the air-core spider loop?

Kevin S
Bianbridge Island, WA

--- In ultralightdx@..., "sloshatron" <wa1gwh@...> wrote:
I only have a big
old ferrite bar of unknown material and quality on hand. I wound on
enough #20 PVC coated hookup wire to get me into the top half of the
MW band and compared it to a 4 1/2 inch air core basket weave
solenoid coil of #21 solid using the same variable capacitor for both

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