New LAm Stations Heard Overnight


Last night I spent a bit over four hours parked on just two frequencies, 1540 and 1480. I feel I must be certifiably nuts for spending that much time listening to interference, ha ha! Anyway, the overnight session ended with two new XE stations and several tentatives I'll be following-up on asap. Logged these on the T-615/SAT.

1540, XESTN, Monterrey, NL, 0430 UTC, 8/27/11, with an all tlk format, they were discussing all kinds of topics (wish I knew exactly WHAT they were). Taking phone calls at times. Hrd a few "Radio Red" IDs and a full call ltr ID @ 0450 UTC. // their online stream. ULR #788, LAm #159-

1480, XEHM, Ciu. Delicias, CH, 0820 UTC, 8/27/11, mostly playing pop styled mx. Long ad strings w/ many ments of Chihuahua. Noted several "La HM Radio" IDs. One sta promo ment'd "Su emisora en Chihuahua". ULR #789, LAm #160-

I hope everyone has a good weekend.
73 from northern Oklahoma-

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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