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You can obtain vasty improved reception without tampering with the Tecsun.
Use an inductively-coupled longer ferrite aerial, a loop - or a long wire inductively
coupled into the internal ferrite. See various postings on this site for details.

Try it - you will be convinced!

Michael UK

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thanks for coming back
well me not being a DIY man, I don't think I'll ever open my Tecsun's belly to connect an external
ferrite, or whatever is used these days to boost these new generation receivers, but after all the
spirit of ultralight is barefoot-dx, you get what the factory's made, find a spot you like, put on
your headphones and go Kilohetz Alley up and down, up and down until Miss Delta X-Ray beams her
smile at you.
My Icom R75 and Indoor Loop (Wellbrook ALA1530) is my "heavy" gear , it revealed WWKB-1520 in LSB
this morning.
I went back to bed, turned on the Tecsun on 1520, facing the West to null Cadena SER on 1521 but
nothing heard even with 1 khz b/w .
Still there's a chance that when the season peaks this winter, I get the obvious ones (WBBR 1130/
WWZN-1510) in AM on the Tecsun even barefoot, I don't think it will go any further than that.
Digging into the Americas will remain a heavy (Icom R75/SSB) affair, methinks.
I think the real DX on the PL-380 will come from the East, no need to use SSB, stronger
broadcasters, so I keep a watch out on 1377, 1557 and 1566 khz in the evenings.
If I had some dough, I'd fly to Oregon next summer and try the magic cliff; I have fine
recollections from OR in 1992;
Me and my girlfriend rented a Chevy Cavalier and drove around the place (Crater Lake, Painted Hills,
etcc), that was fun !!


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Thanks for the update Patrice. I hope it serves you well! On FM, I remember pressing the ATS
automatic memory button, and get some 60-70 stations when I was in Paris, some only 0.1 or 0.2 mHz
away from very strong local stations. I will be interested to read how it performs on MW and LW this
autumn, and the extent to which you need an external antenna on those bands.

Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

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just received my Tecsun 380;
haven't spent much time on it yet but amazingly good on FM for a stuff this side and, probablt
my only receiver not to drown me with local FM images between 68 and 86 mhz as my scanners and
tabletop were prone to do.only problem is it tends to shut down (turn off) if you press the frame
abit too much, not a set for lumberjacks then...

Will send logs and comments as the MW season unfolds.


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