August 2011 Oregon Cliff Ultralight LW-DXpedition

Gary DeBock

Hello All,

For those interested in the thrilling challenge of chasing extremely
long-range Trans-Equatorial beacons with Ultralight radios on high
ocean side cliffs, the full 7-page DXpedition report from the recent
3-day visit to the "Rockwork" cliff on the Oregon state coast (in
Tillamook County) has been completed, and is posted at

Detailing the record-breaking Ultralight radio receptions of 260-NF on
Norfolk Island (over 6,500 miles) and 270-FA from Samoa (over 5,000
miles) from the northwest Oregon coast, the report also describes the
choice of venue, and includes 5 photos of the awesome ocean scenery
from the 400' high ocean side cliff. Included are details of 17 Alaskan
and 2 Hawaiian NDB receptions, with MP3 recording links provided for
all of the signals. This DXpedition report will shortly be uploaded to
the file sites for the Yahoo Ultralightdx and Ndblist groups, with
hopes that the thrilling account will motivate a few more fanatics to
head for the beach to push their own luck!

73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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