Re: Ultralight Anniversary Award for Kevin Schanilec


Hi all:

Wow, I'm speechless! Truly, this is an incredible demonstration of
generosity and kindness.

Gary and John's constant font of enthusiasm and generosity have been an
inspiration. The comaradery that has sprung up since this all started has
been fabulous, and knowing that there are many others out there who enjoy
this hobby has made this a great year for me and I know for many others.

I have been having a lot of fun figuring out to get more DX out of these
little wonders, which has been its own reward. To DX with a souped-up
e100 would be even better.

All I can really say is....thank you!!!


Hello Guys,

The Ultralight Radio enthusiast group has many things to be thankful
for today-- an exciting new way to enjoy AM-DXing, a well established
and records program, a fantastic Canadian web site for group
and a core group of dedicated DXers who helped start and organize the

We are especially thankful for the outstanding DXer who gave us the
"Ultralight Radio" name-- Kevin Schanilec. From the very beginning of
movement, Kevin has played a central role in promoting, reviewing and
Ultralight radios, as well as contributing many outstanding technical
(including his classic description of audio phasing techniques). Kevin's
technical and equipment review articles have been extremely popular on
the DXer.Ca
web site, and Kevin has volunteered his time to serve on both the
Definitions Committee, and the Ultralight Contest Committee.

Recently Kevin has written another classic technical file,
the use of Passive Loop Antennas. Kevin has continually been a leader in
experimentation to boost Ultralight radio reception using inductively
active and passive loop systems, providing an inexpensive way for
and townhouse DXers to increase the performance of their Ultralight

In appreciation of Kevin's outstanding contributions to the
Radio DX movement, he will now have a new radio to enjoy during this
DX season-- a new, fully modified E100 Ultralight (Slider loopstick and
Murata CFJ455K5 IF filter), designed as the ultimate stand-alone AM-DXing
portable for both 9 KHz split DXing, and for domestic DXing. This
creation will hopefully express the appreciation of all Ultralight Radio
DXers for
Kevin's generous and innovative efforts, in promoting our exciting new

On behalf of the Ultralight Radio leadership, I take great pleasure
presenting Kevin with this Founders Award, and know that other ULR DXers
join me on this Thanksgiving Day in expressing their gratitude for his

73 and Good DX,

Gary DeBock and John Bryant (for the Ultralight Radio DXing Group)

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