Re: update 100 in 7 quest

Gary DeBock

Hello Carl,

Congratulations on your DXing skill in receiving 106 stations in 7
7 days, on your SRF-59 and E100 Ultralight radios. That is a great
accomplishment, and a very fitting way to celebrate the first
anniversary of the ULR movement. Best wishes for a lot of DXing fun
this winter!

73, Gary DeBock

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<carl_elissa@...> wrote:

My final station count for my 100 in 7 quest is 106 stations
the unids i was not able to i.d. and 1 repeat log(dupes as ham ops
them when running contests).I will give a complete summary later but
new station count is 22 new stations logged during the 7 day
new states or countries logged though.I think i might have had Puerto
Rico on 810 but never did get an i.d.I will certainly keep trying
Carl DeWhitt

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