New DX Season starts off well


It's time for me to start the new DX season. After a summer of on and off trying to record some of the semilocals that I missed last winter I did pick up 6 new stations with the BOG oriented in a North-South direction. They include:

1610 khz WPZK577 (TIS) Kenosha, WI. 05/17/11 0500am CDST.
1450 WRLL Cicero, IL. 06/10/11 1000am.
1620 WDND South Bend, IN. 06/13/11 2000PM. (My local TIS was off the air)
1540 WTKM Hartford, WI. 06/16/11 1400pm.

Although the noise levels on the band still seem high, I have started the new season in earnest with the following new loggings:

1580 khz WHFS Morningside, MD. 08/16/11 2000pm. "The big talker, 1580 WHFS AM Morningside/ Washington D.C." Having reoriented my BOG to an East-West direction, this surprise logging raised my spirits and got me back into the hobby. I have no clue how I got this station as their nighttime power is pratically nothing. They must have been running their daytime 50 kw.

1460 WBNS Columbus, OH. 08/17/11 1915pm. First an ad for Design Center, then a local phone number 614 654-4085 and a mention for their web site Then "1460 ESPN Columbus."

1400 WSJM St. Joseph, MI. 08/18/11 1700pm. "This is AM 1400 WSJM St. Joseph and 94.9 WSJM Benton Harbor. The news and talk of Michigan's great southwest."

1200 WNBL Huntington, WV. 08/19/11 0500am. First the oldies song – Groovin', then "This is your home for a better life. The new powerful 1200 AM WNBL Huntington WV." Then the oldies song - Love will keep us together.

1430 WPLN Madison, TN. 8/19/11 1900pm. "WPLN AM and FM and on line at" This came in quick and overpowered local WEEF.

1140 KCXL Liberty MO. 8/19/11 2000pm. "For KCXL (??) weater, I'm Perceval (?) Phillips. KCXL Liberty, K275BQ (??) FM 102.9." No trace of normal WRVA.

My radios include 2 Tecsun PL-380's and a PL-310. The antennas include a 500 foot BOG, a crate antenna and a 7.5 inch ferrite bar. All stations have been recorded and saved as MP3 files.

My totals are now at 672 stations, 40 states, 6 provinces, 4 countries and 36 graveyard.

Ed Semrad
Lake Villa, IL

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