JOAB 594 heard in Oklahoma


This morning at local sunrise (1319 UTC), I heard JOAB, Tokyo J, on
594 kHz, with a fair signal. Using a E100 coupled to my 35 year old
Space Magnet, I heard a man and woman speaking in Japanese, at 1319-
1323 UTC, with slight QRM from KXSP and KCSJ on 590 kHz.

At 1323-1326, I was able to hear JOAB audio, at a much weaker level,
on a barefoot SRF-T615.

JOAB is my third ULR TP and at 10660 km (6624 miles) my longest
distance yet.

Earlier, at 1005-1019, I heard fair audio from JOUB 774 on barefoot
E100. Also heard the following:
1258 UTC 567 kHz het (QRM: KLIF 570)
1304 828 het (QRM: WCCO 830 & WBAP HD 820)
1313 747 het (QRM: KRMG 740 & Unid XE 750)
1314 774 het (QRM: KSPI & XEMF 780)

I did not hear the het usually heard on 972 kHz around sunrise.

I'm finding the E100 and Space Magnet are a good combination. Due to
its better selectivity and 1 kHz tuning, the E100 has the edge over
the more sensitive SRF-T615 for listening to split frequencies.
Overall, the little Etón receiver definitely gives you a lot for its
low cost.

Wishing all a happy Thanksgiving holiday. Good DX.

Richard Allen
36°22'51"N / 97°26'35"
(near Perry OK)

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