ULR Longwave DX....Trans-Atlantic ALERT!!!!! 171 Radio Medi Un...MOROCCO!!!

robert ross

Hi Guys:

Doing some more ULR LW DXing and I have the following Station in here right now @ 0150 UTC with a GOOD SIGNAL......

171 Radio Medi UN Nador, MOROCCO 2000 KW 4101 Miles!!! This is a Relog....Heard last Spring also!!

Arabic String Music and Vocals. Female Announcer in FRENCH Between Songs. Into Arabic Percussion and String Music.
Signal Much better than Previously heard and great peaks.

Nothing else being heard yet...but I'm going back upstairs to continue looking. It's still Early!!!

If you have LW Capability on your ULR....Give it a try if you have a good Antenna!!

73...ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

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