Re: Wow! Oh, WOW! A Japanese Morning from OKlahoma



I awoke early and was surprised to hear JOUB 774 at good signal
strength on a barefoot SRF-T615 at 1101-1108. I heard hets on 693,
747, 828 and 972 kHz between 1114 and 1127 UTC. Afterward I was
chasing domestics, except just before 1200 I had a strong het on 774
that faded into the WBBM/XEMF QRM. A few minutes later when I checked
it was all KSPI (why don't you walk over there sometime and pull the
meter for me - only joking).

I've spent a lot of time listening to the 972 het and have yet to hear
any audio. Sometimes it's very strong around sunrise.

I guess I should have been listening with the G313e instead.

The conditions were somewhat erratic overnight. Except for a couple
of stations in Saskatchewan, most of what I was hearing was to the
south. I pulled in XENK 620 for the first time this morning by
nulling a strong CKRM signal at 1218. Only a trace of KMKI and KTAR.

Have a good Thanksgiving. Myself, I'm off to Wellington for a family
get together.

Richard Allen
36°22'51"N / 97°26'35"W
(near of Perry OK)

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