Re: [NRC-AM] Ultralight Question

Gary DeBock

Hello Allan,
     Thanks for your question about the Kaito KA-1103's qualification for Ultralight Radio definition.  The Ultralight enthusiast group has developed some detailed guidelines on which receivers qualify for Ultralight radio awards and contests, and which do not.  Please refer to the "Updated Ultralight Definitions and Master List" posted in the Ultralight File area on DXer.Ca  ( for full details
     We have a committee of three members, which reviews new applications for Ultralight Radio status.  The new applications should follow the guidelines specified in the file referenced above.  There is a great variety of approved Ultralight radio models, both analog and digital, ranging in prices from $14 up to $100.  Everybody should be able to participate in the Ultralight Radio DXing fun this winter.
     73,  Gary DeBock 

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