Re: Ultralight Radio Anniversary Award for Colin Newell

Guy Atkins

Congratulations, Colin! This award is well deserved, as you've done
so much to pump enthusiasm into UL radio and DXing in general. It's
been fun to watch your Web site grow in popularity and
influence in the DXing community, too. It has become a "must visit"
site for many in the hobby.

Have fun filtering out that Hawaiian QRM with the hotrod E100 on your
trip next month!!

I look forward to visiting with you and Andrea again, perhaps next
time in beautiful Victoria.



--- In ultralightdx@..., D1028Gary@... wrote:

Hello Guys,

On the first anniversary of the Ultralight Radio boom, the
of this crazy new phenomena would like to award due recognition to
one of
our most influential co-conspirators.

Without the continual contributions of Colin Newell in
supporting and disseminating essential information and
communication regarding
all aspects of the Ultralight Radio movement, it is highly
doubtful that the
enthusiast group would ever have been formed, much less become the
extremely enthusiastic group that exists today.

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