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Sorry that I missed the actual unveiling of your First Anniversary Founder's Award last night. We had an actual non-radio-related social engagement last night! 

Congratulations on your richly deserved award, Colin. Your generosity and support has been essential to both the initial growth and the current maturity of Ultralighting. We each owe you a great deal.

Somehow, I suspect that new, hot, Slider e100 will get a real workout on your eminent trip to Hawaii :>)

John B.
Stillwater, OK, USA
Rcvrs: WinRadio 313e, Kiwa-mod. NRD-535, Slider e100's
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At 09:32 PM 11/24/2008 -0500, you wrote:

Hello Guys,
     On the first anniversary of the Ultralight Radio boom, the perpetrators of this crazy new phenomena would like to award due recognition to one of our most influential co-conspirators.
      Without the continual contributions of Colin Newell in encouraging, supporting and disseminating essential information and communication regarding all aspects of the Ultralight Radio movement, it is highly doubtful that the enthusiast group would ever have been formed, much less become the huge, extremely enthusiastic group that exists today.
     Colin's early suggestion of a formal review of the Sony SRF-59 Walkman radio in November of 2007 (and his offer to publish it on his outstanding web site, DXer.Ca) was absolutely instrumental in starting the Ultralight Radio group's formation.  His continual offer to publish equipment reviews, technical articles, contest communication and other essential Ultralight Radio information has contributed greatly to the explosive growth of the niche group, as well as elevating DXer.Ca into the status of one of the premier radio-related web sites   Colin's personal interest in reviewing various compact receivers has helped many potential purchasers, and his posting of diverse DX station audio recordings has helped all of us hear the sounds of exotic DX, regardless of the anemic performance of some of our pedestrian receivers.
     Colin's personal interest in the Ultralight Radio movement has had the influential effect of making Canada a true stronghold of pocket radio DXing, leading to the outstanding achievements of Rob Ross of London, Ontario, Allen Willie of St. John's, Newfoundland, and Greg Schoom of Toronto, Ontario, among many others.  Those Canadians who received sample Ultralight radios (and alignments) can thank Colin for his early contributions to Ultralight radio, helping to start the movement that generated such international comradery.  Today the Canadian contribution to Ultralight Radio is extremely strong, and dominant in many outstanding aspects.
     Lacking John Bryant's creative ability to design a beautiful Award Certificate and frame, I (Gary DeBock) have decided to award Colin with the next best thing:   A personally created, fully-modified Eton E100 model (Slider loopstick and Murata CFJ455K5 IF filter), deviously designed to outperform any portable on the planet in 9 kHz split DXing.  This latest innovation has the technical contributions of four fanatical Americans (John Bryant, Guy Atkins, Steve Ratzlaff and myself), to express our deep appreciation to Colin, and to all Canadians, for the outstanding contributions made by our northern neighbors to the booming Ultralight Radio DX movement.
     On behalf of the Ultralight Radio group leadership, I take great pleasure in presenting this Founder's Award to Colin, and hope that all of you will join me in thanking him for his impressive contributions to the cause of Ultralight Radio DX!
     73 and Best Wishes,
     Gary DeBock and John Bryant (for the Ultralight Radio DX Group)           

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