Re: Alaskan NDB's Come in the "Barn Door"

Guy Atkins

A variety of used, professional & prosumer grade digital recorders are on the market now, too.

I've seen models by Edirol (Roland) and Zoom for auction and Buy-It-Now on Ebay, and there's a regular stream of "PMD" series digital flash-memory recorders made by Marantz.

The PMD recorders are widely used by journalists and field reporters and continue the tradition set by Marantz's popular cassette recorders from the 1970s onwards.

As an example of some of the deals available, I recently won an Ebay auction for a PMD670, a digital stereo recorder using Compact Flash cards for WAV and MP3 recordings. This model abounds with professional features like XLR connectors, 48v. phantom power for condenser microphones, RCA line-in and line-outputs, digital line-in and line-outputs, etc. A wide range of selectable bit & sampling rates make it suitable for DX recordings from ULR radios, all the way up to high quality recording of music.

This unit has an intermittent connection or loose that I'll want to track down eventually (it sometimes reboots if the recorder is moved quickly or shaken, but works fine when stationary). Even though it was sold with this caveat I was surprised my winning bid for the PMD670 was just $58 USD. There are still some pro audio dealers selling this model for as much as $1000! More commonly, new units are $700-800 and used ones from dealers $300-400.

My point is: if you're on Ebay, keep an eye out for good deals on digital flash-memory recorders and digital voice recorders from the major manufacturers, including those that cater to the professional crowd. As people move onwards to the latest & greatest models, excellent choices in earlier generation equipment can be found. Since these digital recorders have no moving parts other than switches, they can potentially be highly reliable.

One caution: avoid any recorders that have a color (versus monochrome or single color) display; the chance of RF interference from the color displays is very great.

Guy Atkins
Puyallup, WA USA

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Hi Jerry,

My own audio recorder (which comes with MP3 conversion software) is the
Sony ICD-SX57, a very compact model which can record about 3 hours of
high quality stereo (if desired) in its flash memory. <SNIP>

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