Re: Alaskan NDB's Come in the "Barn Door"

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Jerry, I dont know what is used in the US,
but in the UK we use "Audacity", which is
freeware and, with an additonal easily downloaded
dll file, allows you to record onto the computer in mp3
format, either as an aux input or via a microphone,
either way ready for uploading.

Michael UK

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Gary, it was hard to tell on your sound file but that 248 Winnipeg Beacon (its from Lake Winnipeg I
think), when I hear it here, has 6 quick beeps followed by 1 long beep over and over again. Can I
ask what kind of MP3 Player I would need to get to post some of these Beacons heard here? Ive done
some checking and noticed you can pay up to $400.00 for an i pod touch MP3 Player.

And for Steve Ratzlaff re your friend that recently visited Winnipeg and wanted some info on the
Beacons he heard on his Pl 310, there is a list of 378 Beacons heard from Winnipeg, Google Shawn
Axlerod Logbook and his excellent very detailed Excel Spreadsheet list is there just click on NDB



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Hello All,

Expectations were pretty low for late-July propagation during the
current "Barn Door" CLE145 (beacon-chasing) event sponsored by the
Ndblist Yahoo group, but as mentioned last night, an unusually strong
mid-summer opening to Alaska occured around 0900 UTC early Saturday

Signals from 391-EEF (Sisters Island, in the Alaskan panhandle) were
the strongest ever heard here around 0900, an unusual occurence for this
usually weak Alaskan

266-ICK, also in the Alaska panhandle (Annette Island) had vibrant
signals, being heard for the first time this summer here in Puyallup

Alaskan "big gun" 233-ALJ (Johnstone Island, south of Anchorage at
1,320 miles) didn't sound anything like it did on the Oregon beach, but
not too bad for this landlocked location in the middle of summer

248-WG in Winnipeg, Manitoba also made it through on the same early
morning, but it sounded pretty ghostlike after the 1,130 mile trip
(headphones definitely required)

73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)


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