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Hi Huelbe, Michael, Jerry !

I´m sorry due to my attention absence !

Forgive me for the delay in response.

I repeat that these links are:

Photos: @ N06
Video - 1:
Video - 2:

But I was rushed and made &#8203;&#8203;mistakes.

I will remove these videos and post another video, along with the inductance of each antenna and Inductimeter because I believe that tonight everything is standardized.

My mistake was not to tune in to Radio Gaucha also with the ferrite antenna for the comparison could be found.

I'm now working on it.

Curitiba city/Brasil

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Farmerik, just click on the Links, and paste them in Google, then hit search. Or you can go to YouTube and Punch in Tecsun PL 380 Antennas and Search. Had a look at both of the Videos, its a bit difficult to tell what is happening, but I think an 18 inch or 30 cm 10 Turn Cardboard Loop is replacing a Ferrite Bar Loop with the same performance results. There is also a Terk type Loop in the mix as well.

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Could one of the many computer whizzes here make click able links to the 2 videos and page mentioned in this thread? I would really like to see what he did, but could not seem to copy and paste the addresses. - FARMERIK

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2 videos with Tecsun PL-380 using a 30cm diameter loop in place of the ferrite antenna with advantages

Hello friends,

After so much time trying to make time, I finally got
do 2 videos Tecsun PL-380 instead of using traditional antenna Amidon ferrite type 61 7.5 ", a homemade loop 30 cm in diameter with cardboard structure used in shoe soles, easily found in bookstores and for shoe making.

This cardboard, to be directed to the manufacture of shoe soles is very flexible and resilient and therefore the circumference needed for the circular loop antenna does not lose so easily, which allowed me to put the Terk AM loop 1000 even within this antenna to obtain the best possible signal and also noticed that the Q is very high as the circles are closer to each other.

With the permission of the moderator, here are the videos and also a link to my homemade antennas: -> video made in Curitiba Tecsun the PL-380 loop antenna with a diameter of 30cm in capturing the Radio Gaucha 600Khz and canceling an interference with the Terk AM 1000 puts it in this loop. Uptake was much stronger than with the antenna Amidon ferrite type 61 with 7.5 ". -> video made in Curitiba Tecsun the PL-380 with the same antenna picking up Radio Eldorado Criciuma, much stronger than with the antenna of Amidon ferrite type 61 with 7.5 " . @ N06 / -> photos of my antennas

I'm listening a lot to post delayed.

73'sa all and thank you for this opportunity to publish my experiences really crazy, based on what I see so many do.

Curitiba city - Parana State

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