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Very clear new images, very envy-engendering! If only I knew
the location, I would jump the fence and nick the exhibits :-))

When you have time, could you use your empirical data
to estimate the size of poor-mans-loop (triangular, circular
and square, that would equate in performance terms to a
FSL and to a loopstick respectively?

The triangular loop is of special interest because it is easier to
construct rigidly.

(Comparison with a longwire like Jerry┬┤s would likewise be
interesting, but that is more difficult - when does a short or telescopic
antennna "grow" into a longwire and into a beverage etc!)

On a more theoretical level, has there been any further investigation
into the hypothesis of a FSL modelling a reduced-size conventional loop,
but, due to the ring of ferrite rods inside, without reduced performance?


Michael UK

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Hi Jerry,

Thanks for your interest in the Ultralight CLE145 longwave loggings,
and the 7.5" LW loopstick PL-380 / FSL combination. I've uploaded a
photo of this radio and antenna team in action today during the Ndblist
"Barn Door" CLE event. It's on both the Ultralightdx and Ndblist Yahoo
photo sites, and also at

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