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Ginger,it was on 17680Khz  Voz de Christiana  ,also on 6070Khz and  11 790Khz (not sure) .There are ,many stations on MW .I heard 3 or 4 stations here in Belgium ,with my Perseus SDR and Super Kaz antennas

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Good catches, I'm not sure about MW but on SW La Voz Christiana is a station out of Chile, I have a 2001 QSL from them, pretty generic ID but ya never know! The freq was in the 17.000mhz range. Maybe they have a MW station?

Ginger OKC

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> Good Morning or whatever it is at your QTH,
> After listening to 1540 quite a bit during the last few weeks, I finally was able to dig out an ID on a previously UNID SS station. Hrd on both the T-615 and Eton E-100 Slider w/ SAT.
> 1540, XERTP, San Martin Texmelucan, Puebla, 0948 UTC, 7/30/11, playing a variety of SS vcl mx. Clear "La Poderosa Puebla" ID copied finally. Sig was good enough this morning that I actually recognized the canned announcer's voice after hearing the sta quite a few times while in the Houston area. Mixing w/ a UNID SS sta who was airing a pgm called "La Voz Christiana." Sta #776, LAm #153-
> That's all for now from northern Oklahoma. Take care and good DX to you all.
> Kirk Allen
> Ponca City, OK

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