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Actually, it has always been my understanding that the "official" definition of what is a ULR is really only relevant to the Awards.

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In fact, if I may add to what Kevin said, the "official" definition of what is a ULR is valid only for THIS GROUP. If you prefer to use a tube boatanchor, or are interested in other bands besides MW and FM, that's fine with us. I have seen discussions of a wide variety of receiver- and antenna-related topics here.

It's just that the main focus of the group centers around DXing MW (and to some extent FM) with pocket-sized, battery-powered radios.


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> Thanks, Farmerik, and all who are joining this conversation. As Paul mentioned, the question of "What Is An Ultralight, And Why?" does come up from time to time here on the Group, including the status of SSB capability, DSP filtering, etc. The criteria were developed a few years ago, and in some ways are in fact somewhat arbitrary, but were developed with a lot of care and attention, and are what they are. They are in PDF from in "Folder 1 - Start Here" in the Files section here if anyone wouild like to take a peek.
> Posts regarding why something should or should not be a defining criterion is fine. I/we only ask that folks respect that those are in fact the criteria that from the basis of the Group, and not belabor the point or insist that the Definitions be changed to their individual way of seeing things.
> We welcome all into our discussions here (other than those pesky spammers!), whether or not they actually use an ULR, and hope that the topics discussed here can benefit all radio enthusiasts.
> Thanks - Kevin S
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