Re: July 12-18 Oregon Beach MW DXpedition Logs

Gary DeBock

Hello Kirk,

Thanks for your comments on the Oregon Beach DXpedition, and it would
have been great to have you there as another "Beach Boy," enjoying the
good DXing vibrations.

Yes, I'm sure that John would have had something interesting to say
about me logging the new Ultralight country of 666-New Caledonia if he
was still with us. I remember sneaking a new Asian country by him in
October of 2008 (675-VOV in Vietnam) with an E100 Slider model here in
Puyallup, and he practically blew a fuse-- in a friendly sort of way,
of course :-)

73, Gary

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Hi Gary,

Tnx for posting your OR Coast DXpedition report. You've certainly
helped further the cause of
from-afar-during-the-MW-off-season "movement"!! I'm sure you know that
John would be very happy abt your summertime TP loggings! (Of course
he'd also have plenty-o-Johnisms for logging New Caledonia, the one
that got away.)

73 to ya,

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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