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John Cereghin <jcereghin@...>

The title should cover it all!

Good tropo on July 28 was noted in Delaware with most of the usual
suspects showing up from New Jersey to the Outer Banks. But two, new
flea-powered stations were added to the log:

2300 107.9 WEES-LP, Ocean City MD, call ID at 2300, “It’s 77 degrees,
this is WEES, Ocean City MD”, AC/standards with no announcements
between songs, 15 watts at about 60 miles, operated by Edinburg Early
School in Ocean City.

2330 90.9 W215CE, Cape May NJ, ad for “CCOceanCity.com”, which is
Coast Christian Church in Ocean City NJ, which may be one of the
Calvary Chapel churches NJ, 38 watts at about 55 miles. A websearch
has them running CSN programming, with Bible teaching and Christian
contemporary music.

Both stations logged with a Grundig G8 barefoot.

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