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There is a S in the model number, but no W.

It is AM and FM only, and costs about $30.

The "SONY ICF S 22 personal radio"


I decided to order one anyway, but would still like to hear from any one who has one.

Thanks Paul, SONY has so many models they have made, many have very similar model numbers, which often throws me off.- FARMERIK

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I have seen several ICF-22's on eBay for well over US$100. I haven't got one, but hear-say to me is its nothing to write home about. The SRF-39/49/59's are on par for AM-BCB... SW is rumored to be as good.

Anyone else?

Paul S. in CT

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I noticed the SONY ICF S22, which has a speaker, but looks to be about the size of a walkman. Anyone have one? Is it any good for DXing?

Also, the ICF-304 looks interesting, but it could be too large to be a ULR. Anyone have one of those?

I don't believe they are usually sold in the USA, but it looks like Asia/AU and Europe/UK are where they are readily available. Both are analog.

I have a pair of SONY ICF-704 models, much too large for ULR's but pretty good at getting stations, and the SONY F-10S [AM & SW] All three have very good build quality for the price, and hear lots of stations with pretty nice audio. - FARMERIK

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