Re: Could the iPhone become an Ultralight ?

Michael <michael.setaazul@...>

Without an effective external aerial, which would rather
defeat the ideal of portability of a smartphone, it is unlikely
to be impressive on MF.
Where do you get this idea from? There is no reason why it can't
use a ferrite rod or loop or whatever you wish.
Precisely : the convenience and size of a smartphone is somewhat
compromised by the addition of a QSD and a ferrite or loop. Not all would
be able to assemble a QSD kit and matching ferrite or loop. Until both items
become available commercially for the informed user, perhaps as a
single unit (price?) which plugs into a higher-spec smartphone, this application
remains experimental. I will certainly follow its development, and especially
look forward to reading other opinion and comments of users who try it.

Michael UK

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