Re: Could the iPhone become an Ultralight ?

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From the wording, it appears it doesnt need an internet connection.
If it did, it would be a 3G radio - and very expensive listening.
From the description given, it looks like an overkill frontend
plug-on for a high-end smartphone. It needs an external antenna.
Longwire for AM??? How very portable!

Interesting gizmo, but no competition for a proven uldx DSP rx!

Michael UK

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Does the app use a WiFi connection to an Internet site?
Does the content come from the AM-band broadcast antenna of such a Radio Station?
If it does both, where is the location of the Internet site with respect to the AM-radio-station
antenna? In station? X miles away?
Reception distance is important here. Only the transmitter to original receiver counts,
re-transmission over TCP/IP and/or WiFi does not.

I need some clarity on this.

Paul S. in CT

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iSDR is a software defined radio application compatible with the Apple iPhone, iPod touch
and iPad.
iSDR is designed for experimenters, shortwave listeners, and amateur radio enthusiasts who would
like a truly portable software-defined radio receiver.

See what you think at:

Tony King


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