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    I find the TERK with the SRF-59 and the DT200/DT400 works well; I don't find that combo head and shoulders more sensitive than a ICF-S5W barefoot...maybe a hair...the combo ULR/TERK has a little more difficulty in an urban/lots of locals environment than the S5W. That said, the combo has nice nulling. If you only get a partial null in one orientation, I find that I can sometimes get a great null 180 degrees away from the first attempt. With the Sangeans, I find that the TERK works with the loop resting parallel to my arm with my hand holding the radio with display facing me just beyond the loop. You will have the most noticeable results with daytime reception. Nighttime is a bit more subtle, but can be worthwhile as well.
Does anybody have experience with the Pocket KIWA loop?

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