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Hey George:

I agree with Kirk - the Select-A-Tenna and Terk are essentially the same
antenna and their performance should be fairly indistinguishable. Radio
Intel found this to be true.
(see ).

Any ULR will respond well to an air-core loop like the Terk, while it is
more unpredictable using a ferrite passive loop like the Quantum Stick.
Given the Terk's price, it's really hard to go wrong. The gain with the
DT-200 should be about equal to that of a slider e100 - I have found that
a Sony SRF-59 with a Terk loop is much more sensitive than even a
fully-aligned Sony S5W, the barefoot sensitivity king. If you are handy
with a soldering iron, retrofitting the DT-200's filter with something
more narrow would give you quite the rig.

Re Select-A-Tenna: I know that the Select-A-Tenna has a version that is
active as well, but at that price (200 bucks or so?) you may as well get a
Quantum Loop with a Quantum Coupler and have the steerability, variable Q
and variable gain controls.

Hope this helps - Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

--- In ultralightdx@..., "George Keller" <gekeller@...>

My goal is to log at least 100 bareback, and then I'm
thinking about buying a loop, maybe a Terk. Has anybody had any
experience pairing a Terk with a DT-200?

Good DXing,

George / W2GEK
Hi George,

I've not had any experience with the DT-200, but lately I've been doing
some comparisons between the Terk and the Select-a-Tenna. Both loops
are really good, especially when used in conjunction with the Eton E-
100 slider. (Well, in a lot of cases anyway)
So far I can't tell any difference between the performance of those
two. I know this doesn't specifically answer your querry, so just take
it for whatever it's worth.
Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK

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