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Gary DeBock

Hello Rick (and all),

I take full responsibility for causing the price of the Sony SRF-T615
to rocket into the stratosphere!

At the beginning of the ULR boom (January 2008) I ordered the radio for
$92 from Audio Cubes, to test it out in the 2008 Ultralight Radio
Spring Shootout review. It pretty much blew away all of the
competition, and without even considering the market consequences, I
gave it the rave reviews I felt it deserved. At that time interest in
Ultralight radios was exploding with nuclear force, and the Spring
Shootout review was a hot article.

Within a month the SRF-T615 ordering stampede was so huge that Audio
Cubes was not only out of stock, but taking over a month to process
orders. It seemed that everyone wanted their own model as an Ultralight
status symbol-- everyone except Rob and me, that is--- who needed two
or more of them! People began to panic when their SRF-T615 orders were
delayed, resulting in even more odering hysteria. As such, Audio Cubes
just about doubled the price for North American purchasers within a
couple of months.

I learned a pretty severe lesson from that fiasco-- be careful what you
say in radio reviews (at least until you forewarn your friends about an
upcoming price explosion, and give them the chance to buy at cheap
rates :-)

73, Gary DeBock

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On 27/07/2011 5:57 PM, Rick Robinson wrote:

In my opinion the standards of the ULR list regarding what is and
isn't an ultralight radio are quite arbitrary
 It costs less than $100 which
qualifies it as a ULR according to list guidelines, while
a Sony T615 is
$145 on ebay which should disqualify it but doesn't in
the eyes of some
ULR members. Go figure...

Rick W4DST

Hello Rick:

  The Reason the Sony T-615 qualifies as an ULR even though it
costs more than $100.00 is because the "Original Price" of the T-615
when it was introduced to the Market was about $89.00 USA Dollars.
The ULR Guidelines regarding PRICE state that the Radio must be
Under $100.00 when "Introduced" to the Market.

The Price of the T-615 remained well under $100.00 until a bunch of
us realized just how good the radio was and Gary DeBock praised it's
merits. A PILE of people started buying up the T-615's and of course
the sellers realized there was Money to be made........and they
raised the Prices!!

So..the T-615 meets ALL of the Criteria for being a ULR...including
that of price!!! Not only in the eyes of "Some" ULR members but as
as set out in the Criteria!!

You may feel that the Criteria for being a ULR is "quite
arbitrary"........but a lot of thought and deliberation went into
the "Criteria" by the founding members Gary DeBock and John
Bryant...along with a lot of input from other early members of the
group!! It may not be perfect....but it's served our purposes quite

If we were to allow Radios that did not meet the Criteria for
whatever reason..the Ultralight Group would lose its mandate and
would pretty soon be just a group of PORTABLE USERS/DXers.

Of course any Dxer can use Any Radio to DX with and have lots of
Fun!! You can even Report the Loggings to the group...we don't have
a problem with that. However....if you wish to participate in the ULR AWARDS need to use a Qualified set out
in the criteria!!

Many have challenged some of the aspects of the Criteria...but
after careful consideration......the Original Criteria always stands
the test of time!!

Have Fun with ULR Radios........and Good DX.

Robert S. Ross VA3SW ( For the ULR AWARDS COMMITTEE)
London, Ontario CANADA

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