Re: Coupling a longwire antenna to a G3 & a PL 380 - Now Testing

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Great to hear of your success, Jerry.
Good reception even at greater separation
between parallel L/C and the receiver is
primarily due to the strength of signal
leaping down the longwire and the inherent
sensitivity of the DSP receivers. One great
feature of this application is its simplicity in
maximising signal transfer.

The series L/C trap would work with other passive
antennas, but probably not so well as with the

A loop would have sharp tuning, so the trap would
not be so necessary.

The setup would not be ideal with an amplified short vertical
like the SONY as the trap would need to come before
the preamp so that the unwanted signal is attenuated
before it can generate intermodulation products in the preamp.
The preamp with short vertical would probably work well
on its own, but might be susceptible to the powerful
local breaking through.

Outside, you might try a "shorter longwire" to a nearby tree
with the existing setup.Best would however probably be a
sharply tuned loop, or a longer ferrite (or even an FSL)
alongside the receiver, as detailed in many postings to this forum.
These exemplify simplicity and effectiveness par excellence.


Michael UK

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Signal Coupling Reach:
Michael, and others, from detailed testing these last few days of the Coupling Trap you designed for
the Longwire Antenna I have found that I can hold both my G3 and PL 380 Radios as far away as 12 to
18 inches from the Inductive Coupling Loopstick, - and the Variable Capacitors will be selective
and the MW and LW Signal will still be improved. After about 2 feet distance the Signal finally
drops off. Is this normal physics, or how it was designed to work?

Can the Trap Be used for Outside Listening with Some Type Of Portable Antenna:
Also if I wanted to do some outside Dx listening like Famerik on these hot summer days, I am
wondering if I take the Longwire Trap Outside and construct some type of Wooden Air Loop, or use my
old battery or AC powered Portable Sony AN-1 Antenna would that work? The Sony AN-1 has a
retractable rather large directional Whip Antenna but its not very sensitive & useful when used



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