Re: which one is ultralight

Rick Robinson <w4dst@...>

In my opinion the standards of the ULR list regarding what is and what isn't an ultralight radio are quite arbitrary a. Both the S350DL and the PL-660 are too large physically to be considered ULRs. However the Grundig G6 is smaller that most ULRs, and a better stock MW receiver sensitivity-wise than my stock Tecsun PL-380, but it is not considered a ULR due to its having a BFO/SSB circuit. It costs less than $100 which qualifies it as a ULR according to list guidelines, while a Sony T615 is $145 on ebay which should disqualify it but doesn't in the eyes of some ULR members. Go figure...

I'll bet the G6 is merely the first of many small portables with SSB capabilities that will come along. Synchronous AM can't be too far behind as a feature in small ULR sized portables. Tecsun and Degen both have a good thing going with Grundig and the Chinese ebay dealers and I'm sure they realize that.

Rick W4DST

I have two receivers Grundig s350dl and a Tecsun PL660 .Are they consider Ultralight

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