Re: Coupling a longwire antenna to a G3 & a PL 380 - Now Testing


Signal Coupling Reach:
Michael, and others, from detailed testing these last few days of the Coupling Trap you designed for the Longwire Antenna I have found that I can hold both my G3 and PL 380 Radios as far away as 12 to 18 inches from the Inductive Coupling Loopstick, -  and  the Variable Capacitors  will  be selective and the MW and LW Signal will still be improved. After about 2 feet distance the Signal finally drops off.  Is this normal physics,  or how it was designed to work?
Can the Trap Be used for Outside Listening with Some Type Of  Portable Antenna:
Also if I wanted to do some outside Dx listening like Famerik on  these hot summer days, I am wondering if  I take the Longwire Trap Outside and construct some type of Wooden Air Loop, or use my old battery or AC powered Portable Sony AN-1 Antenna would that work?  The Sony AN-1 has a retractable rather large directional Whip Antenna but its not very sensitive & useful when used indoors.

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