Re: Off the shelf amplified antennas for LW and AM BCB?

Pollock,Raphael E <rpollock@...>

I use a Stormwise 19" home brew--construction details available in the ultralight files section or by email request.
As easy to transport as a kiddie baseball bat
Very sharp Q and nulls
Can be built using simple hand tools

Requires construction
Stormwise ferrite bars (125 mu--permiability needed for optimal MW reception) apparently no longer available except at very high cost

Hope this helps!

Raph Pollock

On Jul 26, 2011, at 11:39 PM, "Jerry Popiel" <jerry_popiel@...> wrote:


Thanks Farmerik, yes we had an old Short Wave radio many years ago, and like you said reception was as clear as a bell. 
I agree with you - I'd also like to find something Portable that can be carried outside, is light, & could be inductively coupled to my Tecsun PL 380, or G3 radios.  Have you seen the writeup of "The Monster Loopstick" by Kevin S / Bainbridge Island, WA? Maybe one of those Monster Stormwise 18 inch Ferrite Rod Antennas might work well for you? It is relatively Portable in an 24 inch PVC Conduit......... BUT it requires some constructing & ordering of parts. But I don't think it will help with Shortwave. I wonder how well it receives on MW and LW?

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