Re: Off the shelf amplified antennas for LW and AM BCB?


Thanks- I have the SONY fold up loop SW antenna for my ICF-7600G, and it works pretty well. I think it would be best in a building which blocked radio waves, because you can mount it in a window, and have the radio across the room. Loops are much less sensitive to RFI in my house. On lower frequencies I can usually null the RFI and still get a signal with my 2 and 4 foot air cores. Gary's AM and LW ferrite's for my PL-360 are much more directional. On SW I don't have too much trouble with RFI, so I have not tried to null RFI above usual Loop antenna frequencies. Many of my old tube sets barely hear any RFI at all, yet get tons of stations. The R-75 and Alinco DX-R8 are in between. Longer Co-ax would definitely help them, so that is another project. For the ULR's, the head phone volume control patch cord from Radio Shack doubles as a RF gain control on the antenna input, as some one here pointed out. The SONY antenna has switch to lower the signals too.

My goal is a compact portable AM and LW antenna for the beach or mountain top forays. I would not try to bring either my 2 or 4 foot air core on a vacation with my wife.

The BOG would be run across the back of my property permanently to point toward Northern Europe, but the end would be a bit of a ride on a garden tractor through the woods, far away from any power lines, and it would be miles before the beam crossed an area with electricity because I am next to a 6,000 acre forest. So maybe I'd be in a tent or little shack, where I would not want to leave electronics.

Some here may remember I experimented with a 500 foot BOG last Fall and Winter. Unfortunately it pointed toward Northern Africa and the Middle East. I was able to hear some LW broadcasts, but nothing in English, which unfortunately is the only language I speak.

Also, I was not going to phase two antennas, just trying to get one to work is enough for me now.

Thanks for all the answers and ideas. I guess I kept my original question too short. - FARMERIK

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Farmerik, here is a couple of recommendations from Passport 2004 & 2008:
Sony AN-LP1�fold up �Antenna, that was supplied with some Sony Portables, it was $90.00 US Funds then,�and is mainly for Sony Receivers - but it may be discontinued. Try Google and ebay.
Any of the Wellbrook Indoor - Outdoor antennas ie ALA 100, ALA 220S, or ALA 1530+ �all are highly rated in Passport and WRTH (World Radio TV Handbook). I think they are made in the UK and it says to reach their full potential an outdoor mounting is preferred.
Some of these Antennas can get pricy.� Hope this helps.�

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