7-24 Yachats, Oregon DUs

Guy Atkins

This morning's DU signals from Strawberry Hill at the Oregon coast were more numerous than yesterday's catches, but like before they were all on the weak side and mostly unidentified. I wish I could have gotten program details but the signals were just too low.

Despite the meager DX catches, I felt blessed to be enjoying this beautiful spot on the Oregon coast, with a brilliant moon in the pre-dawn sky and the foamy Pacific Ocean waves crashing on the rocks 70 feet below the cliff side. 

As I DXed with Gary's Ferrite Sleeve Loop and two Ultralight radios, I couldn't help but make mental comparisons between this experience and my DXpedition trips with my more "serious" receivers (Microtelecom Perseus SDR and AOR AR7030+). The DXing fun that you can have with both types of gear is surprisingly similar! 


594 Unid. at 1220. Aussie-accented woman and man in discussion in English, but briefly heard. Only fair to good level. 3WV Horsham, Victoria, Australia? Logged previously with good signals by Gary DeBock from Lincoln City, OR last year.

603 Unid. at 1220, weak talk in unknown language.

657 Unid. at 1226, weak music which sounded like pop music. Gone for good at 1230.

891 5AN Adelaide Australia; presumed, with Aussie accented talk at 1235. Very weak signal.

1107 Unid. at 1242, Aussie or Kiwi accented male announcer; weak in 1110 splatter. Newstalk Taranga, NZ maybe?

1116 Unid. at 1245, woman announcer hosting a talk show (seemed to be about family relationships). Her accent seemed more Aussie than Kiwi, so I wonder if this was 4BC Brisbane. The signal was actually at a good level for a part of a minute, then went down again to mumble-mumble-mumble level.

1566 HLAZ South Korea, presumed at 1250 with woman in Japanese. This weak signal looped to the NS-SE.

684 Unid. at 1255 with pop music starting out weak, then suddenly much stronger for a brief period a minute later. Unfortunately I couldn't get any clues to this station's identity based on the music style or artist. After dropping down to near-threshold level again it was pulsing in and out of audibility, up through the top of the hour.

738 RFO Tahiti at 1205-1300+, heard at fair to good level much of the time with French talk, piano music, and a promo or advertisement with a child's voice in French. An unidentified co-channel station was occasionally heard in the background.

567 Unid. station at 1306; Kiwi accented (most likely) male announcer noted in English; faint signal. Probably this was RNZ National, Wellington, New Zealand at 50kw.

Guy Atkins
DXing at Strawberry Hill view point
South of Yachats, Oregon
6.5" FSL antenna; Tecsun PL-380; digital readout Sony SRF-59

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