Re: Distant GY Reception This Morning

Dennis Gibson <wb6tnb@...>

I should have mentioned that 1240 can be done with synchronous
detection. My local on 1250 plays music (SS) and it's better when
they're just speaking.


--- In ultralightdx@..., "Dennis Gibson" <wb6tnb@...> wrote:

I wish I had more viable graveyarders. 1230 is fine. 1240 gets
hammered by a local on 1250 that can be nulled a teeny bit. 1340 is a
local. 1400 is partially useless as my closest station, a regional, is
always just barely on top but can be nulled. 1450 is a strong regional
that can be partially nulled, and 1490 is a local.

Can anyone top that? I hope not.

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