Re: Which Litz Wire (660 / 46 or 100/44) is BetterTo Order for 7,5 Fixed Loop?


This is indeed a dilemma. If I want to build the 7.5 inch Ferrite Antenna, the less sensitive 100/44 wire will need to be used due to width restrictions.  If I try to construct  a larger (much more expensive) FSL Antenna, or use a larger 18 inch Ferrite Rod, than the more sensitive 660/46 Litz wire is the better choice.  I like the idea of an Inductively Coupled Loop because no internal mods of the PL 380 would be required, and it could also be used with other radios such as my G3.  Maybe order a roll of BOTH Guage Litz wires for now?
Are there any comparison Tests or Data on how the 18 inch Ferrite Rod Loop compares to Gary's 7.5 inch Ferrite Rod?  And with a lot more Folks now  building and experimenting with FSL Loops, are there going to be any future detailed writeups on building one of them, which I guess also depends on the availability on the internet of those Russian Ferrite Rods? 

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