Re: Which Litz Wire (660 / 46 or 100/44) is BetterTo Order for 7,5 Fixed Loop?

Christopher Wendling


I think you are correct about skin effect amd current resistance, especially at RF frequencies below a couple MHz.  Somewhere, I've seen tables published by the Litz manufatureres giving losses for various frequencies, for various Litz "sizes".
In critical applications (competition XTAL radio sets, for example), the 660/46 Litz is almost always used.  Maybe a Google on "Litz wire performance, losses, comparisons" would yield more specific info. Good luck,
Chris - AI4MI

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Dear Jerry

this struck me also

right now I have no good explanation for this

more wires with same skin effect do not seem to grab me

more technically somehow the Poynting Vector power flow into the antenna has been increased and likely due to an increase in the magnetic field intensity H

how this exactly is happening is a mystery to me

hoping others can help here cause this is a biggie

I just changed my order last nite from 100' of 330/46  ===>  100' of 660/46 without question when I saw the statement re Steve's excellent research efforts

best wishes

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Wow, the difference Raphael found using two types of Litz wire wound on
the same Stormwise Ferrite bar is stunning, even accounting for the
vagaries of the Palstar R30A S-Meter (I own one). Can anyone elaborate
on exactly why this performance difference is so large?
Jerry W
Warrenton, VA

On Wed, 2011-07-20 at 21:50 -0400, D1028Gary@... wrote:
> Hello Jerry and All,
> Steve Ratzlaff discovered that 660/46 Litz wire was the best performer
> for FSL's, and I agree with him completely. All of my FSL's have been
> made with 660/46 Litz wire from the eBay seller "Mkmak222," and they
> have all been hot performers. The reason why such large Litz wire isn't
> used on the 7.5" LW loopsticks is because the 660/46 wire diameter is
> too large to get enough turns on the ferrite bar for a coil inductance
> of around 1700 uh. A 7.5" long ferrite bar is too short for winding
> such a 1700 uh coil with 660/46 Litz wire, but an 18" Stormwise bar is
> long enough. Even using the 100/44 Litz wire from "Mkmak222" on the
> 7.5" LW loopsticks practically uses up the entire length of the ferrite
> bar with Litz wire, except for just enough space to attach rubber shock
> mounts.
> 73, Gary
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> BetterTo Order for 7,5 Fixed Loop?
> Hi Jerry! I have used both 100/44 and 660/46 Litz wire to wrap a 38
> turnprimary winding on a 19” 125 mu ferrite bar, terminating in a 365
> pfdvariable capacitor for tuning the MW band. In this context the
> difference in Sunits as measured on my Palstar R30a was typically 7 vs
> S+30 for most stations.There were many stations barely audible with the
> 100/44 coil that could bereally well heard using the 660/46 wrap. I
> don’t know if this wouldtranslate into comparable results with a FSL
> antenna set up but it sure makes adifference with monster ferrite bar
> antennas that only have one ferrite rod,albeit one that is 19” long x
> 1” wide… From:ultralightdx@...
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> Subject: [ultralightdx] Which Litz Wire (660 / 46 or 100/44) is
> BetterToOrder for 7,5 Fixed Loop?
> I am about to order some Litz wire from theUSA. Re Steve's recent Litz
> wire comments on his FSL Loop and Gary' use of iton his FSL Loops, does
> the much more expensive 660 / 46 Litz wire provide muchbetter
> sensitivity than the 100 /44 wire listed in Gary DeBock's June
> 11writeup for the 7.5 inch Fixed Ferrite Loop? And if the 660 /46 Litz
> Wire isbetter would the 7.5 Inch Loopstick still be required to have
> 122 Turns &1700 uh Inductance as was for the 100 /44 wire, or does this
> all change?
> Any comments would be much appreciated.
> Thanks
> Jerry
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