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kevin asato <kc6pob@...>

Should help out quite a bit in helping hear signals in the noise or separate stations in a congested market (Los Angeles). I used to do similar using tuneable loopstick antenna coils and tuning capacitors when Radio Shack here in the States used to stock those parts in the 70s. Like any other loop antenna used in a similar configuration, like my current Terk Advantage, it will not perform miracles if the signals are not there.


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Subject: [ultralightdx] Crystal set loops
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Date: Wednesday, July 20, 2011, 7:05 PM


Hi folks,

I've been following this Ferrite Sleeve Antenna saga with great interest.

One test I would like to see is just how effective a FSA is when
connected as a crystal set (but with no external antenna).

How much more signal does it pick up compared with (for instance) a
single ferrite rod?

This would seem to be a fairly definitive test of whether it actually
picks up more signal or not.

Regards ........... Zim

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