Re: Is Shortwave Listening Possible with Gary's 7.5 Inch Loopstick Mod to Pl 380?

Marc Coevoet

Op 20-07-11 23:18, jerry_popiel schreef:
As a fan of Shortwave listening as well as Medium Wave, I am wondering
if we can still Listen to Shortwave Radio, - ie the Tropical Bands, for
stations such as WWCR (World Wide Christian Radio, and Country Radio) on
3215 and 4840 Khz, after replacing the Tecsun PL-380's standard
Loopstick with the outside mounted 7.5 inch Ferrite Loop re Gary
Debock's recent June 11, 2011 writeup. Or does the new 7.5 inch
Loopstick limit the receiving range on the PL 380 to only Medium Wave?
I have disconnected the ferrite inside, and added cable + plug to the outside of my pl380. The result of listening to SW is different when (outside) ferrite bar is connected or not.

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