Re: Found 5 1/2 Inch Ferrite Rod with 80 Turns Litz Wire - will it work for MW ?

Michael <michael.setaazul@...>

Jerry, the MW trap would work and the coupling ferrite, placed
close to the telescopic aerial would work - probably better
without the earth connection as for MW use.

A shortwave tuner would be better, and could be earthed.
As always, to minimise the risk of static damage, you need to be
sure there is no direct connection from the longwire through the
tuner to the telescopic aerial. You can check this with a meter.
If in doubt, always use a loose insulated-wire wrap around the telescopic
aerial instead of a direct connection. This may in any case be
preferable to avoid overloading the receiver, which is designed to
work with a short telescopic aerial.

Michael UK

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MW ?

Thanks Michael, that's a bit dissappointing to hear that Shortwave Listening may NOT work with the 2
Loopstick / 2 Capacitor Inductive Trap you designed to work off my Longwire Antenna to prevent
Receiver Overload. Along with the MFJ 16010 Antenna Tuner that I have, a friend of mine recently
loaned me a Shortwave only Joymatch III Partridge Electronics - (Broadstairs Kent England), its
frequency range is from 1.6 to 32 MHZ. So would I have to switch back from one to the other for MW
and Shortwave listening? Thanks.

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