Re: Gary DeBock Receives Ultralight Radio Founders Award

Dennis Gibson <wb6tnb@...>

Gary - you're plenty worthy of the award. If you hadn't been curious
about what the SRF-59 could do, there are more than 100 of us who
would be DX'ing, but we wouldn't be nearly as challenged and not
having as much fun. You recognized the SRF-59 (and later the Sony
SRF-39FP; my favorite) as a DX capable radio that anyone can afford
and available almost anywhere. You made them better for those of us
not able to do that ourselves (at no cost), then you sought out other
small DX capable radios and wrote reviews of them.

I remember reading your review of the SRF-59 not long after it was
posted. The ultralight concept really appealed to me and I bought one
right away. I remember my jaw hitting the ground the first time I
listened to it.

I am grateful to all of you tech types who have come up with the mods
and add ons. They are way beyond my ability to duplicate but really
fascinating to hear about.

Are we having fun yet? You bet we are.


--- In ultralightdx@..., D1028Gary@... wrote:

Hello Guys,

Apparently the multi-talented John Bryant is capable of much
more than
superb organization and fantastic technical innovation-- he also
appears to
be a Master of secret scheming.

It was a total surprise to receive the attractive and unique
Award, expertly prepared by John, and presented by Guy Atkins last
night. The
secret planning for this group effort was entirely successful,
resulting in
the complete astonishment of the recipient. John created a very
stylish and
memorable Award design (only partially visible in the photo), which
is a
perfect example of his unique creativity. Signatures of 13
prominent Ultralight
DXers (John Bryant, Rob Ross, Kirk Allen, Gil Stacy, Allen Willie,
Guy Atkins,
Nick Hall-Patch, Steve Ratzlaff, Kevin Schanilec, Steve Ponder, Olaf
Haenssler, Russ Edmonds and Mark Gerwlivch) grace the Award, which
are all deeply
appreciated. Thank you all for your signatures, and thanks also to
like Joe Miller, who wished to sign but were unable to fax their
signatures to
John. The other 100 members on the Ultralightdx Yahoo team are
referenced in
the Award, and I deeply appreciate the contributions from each of
you, in
creating the exciting Ultralight DXing culture that we enjoy today.

As mentioned previously to John, I feel somewhat unworthy of
such a
high Award, but that certainly will not stop me from prominently
displaying it
on the wall!

Ultralight Radio DXing is certainly a group sensation, fueled
by the
creative efforts of over 100 dedicated hobbyists. Thanks to all
who have
contributed in making our first year so exciting and memorable, and
I feel very
honored to be a part of this innovative, creative team of highly

73 and Best Wishes,

Gary DeBock

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