Re: Het on 1521



Thank you for the info. The signal has been audible since before
local sunset again tonight. I'll listen later and see what I hear.

Best of Dxing.

Richard Allen.
Hi Richard,
That most likely is the het from BSKSA  Duba Saudi Arabia  that
you've been hearing. Out here in the North Atlantic it's just the
opposite  where we can hear full blown and very readible audio from 
them most nights even on an ultralight  
It's usually the first DX heard in the afternoons here before it
starts to get dark. It seems to be on all night long so they may not
sign off at all but not sure of that. At times  Saudi Arabia can be so
strong it will block out  WWKB in Buffalo on 1520
Allen Willie
St. John's, Newfoundland 

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