Re: Coupling a longwire antenna to a G3

Michael <michael.setaazul@...>

Jerry, this is the Mark II version, which may be clearer!

L1 C1 I-----------II------------I
Longwire >>>---()()()()()()---II-----I L2 I-------------- Earth
I ----()()()()()()()------I
<---- "variable

L1 trap inductor (eg short ferrite antenna from old AM radio)
C1 trap variable capacitor to tune out unwanted signal (ditto)
L2 ferrite antenna from old AM radio
C2 tuning capacitor from same
L3 internal ferrite in G3

Variable gap : move apart or closer for optimal L2C2 tuning of wanted signal
and best rejection by L1C1 of unwanted signal. There will be some interaction
between the three variables C1, C2 and gap. Fun to fiddle with! For greater
safety, using the G3 on battery power would avoid any indirect earth loop via
the wallwart - and probably be quieter. You woudnt hear much
when static builds up anyway!

Michael UK

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