Re: Picked up WLW 700 Cincinnati from Winnipeg Tonight - 966 miles distance,

Michael <michael.setaazul@...>

Jerry, I would be careful about plugging a longwire in directly.
Apart from overloading the receiver, there is much greater risk
of a static surge damaging it, possibly terminally. Feeding
the longwire signal via a tuner, trap, variable attenuator,
reverse-diodes, gas-discharge-tube, varistor etc,
as suggested in posts here, would, however, give you
reasonable protection - except from a close lightening strike!

The simplest approach is the one you are using : loose
coupling of the incoming longwire to the telescopic aerial.
You could try feeding an external ferrite tuned L/C
from the longwire. The ferrite and tuning capacitor from an
old AM radio would be suitable. Varying the distance to the
G3 will allow you to optimise the inductive coupling without risk
to the G3.

Longwire --------------
------- --------------
L C gap I G3 I
I I I Receiver I
------ ---------------

Hope this helps!
Michael UK

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Not sure if this is a propagation freak of nature, but tonight I picked up WLW Cincinnati, Ohio @
700 Hz from Winnipeg, Canada on my 80 Ft Longwire Balun Antenna. According to the City to City
Distance, this is 966 Miles. Reception was fairly clear, I was quite surprised as they were talking
about 100 degree temps and flooding in Mississippi.

Wasn't much reception difference between winding the Antenna Lead-in around my Grundig G3 or
plugging it into the Antenna Jack. I am a bit concerned about plugging that 80 footer Antenna
directly into the G3 Antenna Input re Overloading Concerns or blowing out the Radio. Is this a valid

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