Re: Ferrite Sleeve Loop (FSL) Antenna Demonstration Video

Gary DeBock

Hello Chuck and All,

Thank you all for many positive comments on the 8" FSL demonstration
video, which was really a spur-of-the-moment idea of Guy's when he
visited my home QTH last night.

The compact FSL's really have the potential to bring new excitement to
the MW-DXing hobby, expecially to the Ultralight radio enthusiast
group. It sounds like science fiction that such a compact antenna can
be competitive for high-gain international DXing, but the reality
should soon become well known. Here in Lincoln City, Oregon (my
one-week DXpedition test site) the compact size of the antennas made it
possible to bring both an 8" MW-optimized model and a 6.5" LW-optimized
model along in our Toyota Corolla-- together with my wife, son, my
sister-in-law and her daughter. As such, in addition to the serious
DXing punch for its size, the FSL may be the ultimate antenna for
domestic harmony.

73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Lincoln City, OR)
Ready to hit the beach at 0330 PDT

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Thank you Gary and Guy ! Great demo.

Chuck Rippel

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