Re: Ferrite Sleeve Loop (FSL) Antenna Demonstration Video

Gary DeBock

Hi Guy,

Thanks very much for stopping by last night, and for taking the 8" FSL
demonstration video. Hopefully the viewers can concentrate on the
performance of the antenna, and not on the somewhat eccentric narrator

The video shows the back yard testing site (90' x 70') for multiple
Ultralight radio loops, both air core and ferrite. Although a site of
beauty to me, this nearby antenna range was apparently enough to
motivate my sole neighbor to let his house go into foreclosure.

73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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Yesterday I had the chance to visit fellow Puyallup resident and DXing
pal Gary DeBock and experience his Ferrite Sleeve Loop antennas on
medium wave and longwave.
The results were very impressive. On a whim I decided to pull out my
mobile phone and take a video of the antenna's performance on distant
610 kHz KONA from Pasco, Washington, about 150 miles away. With the
small Tecsun PL-380 some distance from the FSL, only background noise
was heard. As the receiver approached the antenna, KONA came up from
the noise and became clearly audible. In fact, an unidentified
co-channel station was also heard in the background on 610.
A smaller FSL antenna that Gary built for longwave was even more
impressive. NDB beacons totally inaudible on the PL-380 blasted in at
very strong levels when the receiver approached the FSL antenna.
Here's the link to the Youtube video:
Thanks for showing me your FSL antenna projects, Gary, and good luck
with the DU reception from the Oregon coast this week!
Guy Atkins
Puyallup, WA

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